The theater is a magical place to be, whether you are on the stage or in the audience. People can transport back or forward in time or to another world, while those on stage can transform into wicked and glorious characters thanks to their acting abilities, costumes, andmakeup. The latter can make a huge difference for several reasons. First, it can enhance the performer’s natural features, helping show up under the bright stage lightingso those in the audience can clearly see them. Furthermore, it can be the final touch to a costume and character. They might have dirt on them; they might be an animal or from a fantasy world. The list could go on. So if you are set to take part in a show and will be required to do your own makeup, what should you know in advance? These top tips are a great starting place.

Get The Right Type Of Makeup

Using your everyday makeup isn’t going to help you here. Instead, you need some of the best quality theatrical makeup supplies to ensure you look amazing on stage. With so many products out there, from blending kits and powders to fake blood, wax, and character kits, you can effortlessly achieve the look you need. The reason you need theatrical makeup is that it handles sweat better than regular makeup would. Ordinary makeup is not necessarily sweat resistant, and if you want to ensure it stays perfect from start to finish,not to ruin the show’s magic, this won’t cut it. You also want to avoid re-applying throughout the show – this would result in inconsistencies. Plus, there is more of a chance that when you sweat, the makeup will get in your eye, and this could cause problems for you, such as irritation.

Use A Primer

If you already do makeup on the regular, chances are a primer is part of your routine. After all, it provides you with a flawless finishbecause it can minimize pores and provide a much smoother surface to work on. As you will require the makeup to stay perfect for several hours while you perform the show, a primer is an absolute must to see you through.

Remember About The Lights

Those lights pointed at the stage are incredibly bright, and you will be washed out if you don’t wear enough makeup. As you start to do your makeup or learn to do it, remember that what you see in front of you won’t be what the audience sees when you are under those lights. This means you must apply more blush, a darker foundation, and eye makeup, such as eyeliner. Some may even benefit from false eyelashes, but this comes down to the director’s final call. Men need to be doing this as well as women.

Stay True To The Character

Not every character will require the same look and, therefore, the same type of makeup. As you apply yours, make sure you follow the strict guidelines of producers and directors about how much you can apply. If you are performing as a beggar on the street, you aren’t going to need false eyelashes, for instance, or lots of blush. However, if you were playing a princess, this would work. So long as the base of your makeup is ideal for the bright lights, how you play around with the final look should always come back to the character itself.