If you’ve recently made the decision to start an online business, you should know that increasing patronage and driving customer interest does not have to be difficult. Almost 80 percent of consumers shop regularly online with mobile shopping being the fastest growing segment in ecommerce, worth an estimated $3.2 trillion in 2017. With statistics like this, there is no doubt that your ecommerce business could benefit.

Developing, maintaining, and growing your business site and social media account will ensure that your ecommerce business will move toward productivity and growth. Here are some suggestions for making that happen.

Always start with your product or service first. Look at what makes your product, service, or company unique. Utilizing the distinctive features of your product or service can be the best place to start when developing a business brand name, a logo, and other marketing strategies. If your product is something fun and flirty, choose a business name and logo that fits. If you’re going with a product that is a little more classic, find a logo design that is clean, with cool, crisp lines that hint at sophistication.

Brand positioning will help you gain an edge in competitive marketing. Remember that you will want something that is memorable and appealing as a business name and logo, and be sure that whatever you choose, it is reflective of your product or service’s backstory and has the potential for the development of an interesting logo, tagline, or brand positioning statement.

Develop a business site and social media profiles. Creating a place where your consumers can go that is more than a traditional website for purchasing your product is important for building a loyal consumer base. Be sure that the themes and colors you use on both your professional site and your social media profiles are consistent. Choosing a design that represents the colors and style aligned with your brand, products, and services will help consumers identify you quickly.

People are attracted to the familiar, so think about what will hook your consumers and help them find you on other platforms to grow your social media profile. If you have a logo, use site themes that have a variation of that color or style, and be sure to develop a site that is easy to navigate and would be considered “user-friendly.” Remember that not all social media platforms are created equal, so do some comparative shopping before committing to the time, energy, and effort related to developing one or more for your business.

Keep the content coming. Focusing on the visual aspects of branding is important, but don’t do so to the exclusion of other things. Posting interesting content across multiple outlets will help generate enthusiasm for your product. Consumers who come to read or post are more likely to purchase, so consider adding a blog, a discussion board, or a product review forum or video.

Increasing online traffic also means an increase in visibility and interest, so post relevant product information or links to articles to grow your consumer following. Be sure that when you blog, you consider every aspect of your product’s brand. You’re not just writing to close a sale; you are there to ensure that your followers understand your story, your purpose, your mission, and your vision.

Make yourself invaluable through an online presence. Many businesses may miss the mark when it comes to building an online presence. You may have developed an attractive website, built on the foundation of a creative brand name and clever logo, but you have failed to build an audience. Be a guest on a podcast, write for related blogs, or be interviewed by sites like Huffington Post. The goal is to gain exposure to thousands of potential customers, as well as garner leads for other social media opportunities that will grow your online presence and lead to sales. Know and utilize rules for posting on Instagram and other social media platforms. The tips provided on this website https://www.thetwincoach.com/ might help you to get to the basic measures of success in the new business venture.

Invest time and effort in mobile capabilities. The use of mobile devices is more prevalent than it has ever been, which means that a mobile ecommerce platform and a well-constructed plan are crucial to increasing your online business productivity. As your business expands, look at more responsive websites, explore real-time notifications and new apps, and try click-to-call tools that will help your online presence, customer service ratings, employee engagement, and ability to connect with your target market. Investing in mobility will provide you with immediate access to your client base and grow your consumer following.

What ideas do you have regarding increasing online business? Feel free to share your ideas here.