A car that is of no use and instead takes up space in your garage should be scrapped as there are multiple benefits of doing so, according to ukcarmovement.co.uk. Selling your car for scrap will help you get rid of something that is useless, get free space in the garage, and in return, earn money.

If you do not know how the whole process works, then here is a simple guide to enlighten you and help you have a good car scrapping experience.

Car scrapping process

Basically, during this process, you will have to take your car to an authorized treatment facility. These are the facilities that are government licensed and have the essential equipment that is required for scrapping the cars the right way. These facilities are called the ATFs. They first dispose of the harmful materials from the car by following the right procedure then scrap it how it should be scrapped. After that, they send the ex-owner the certificate of destruction to inform them that their car has been scrapped and they are no longer its owner.

How to choose a suitable ATF?

The whole process of selling your car for scrap will become easier for you if you work with a reputable and professional company. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right treatment facility. Search the ATFs on the internet. Then select the ones that are in your area. Getting your car scrapped by a company that is near your location will benefit you. It is because the company will come to pick up your car by using their personal vehicle and its fuel. So, the more is the distance between your car and the ATF, the less you will get paid for your car. Therefore, select the ATF that is the nearest.

Another thing that you should consider while searching the ATF is its reputation. Sell the car to a company that is reputable and offers the right amount of money. Getting paid through cash is illegal in the United Kingdom. So, if a company tries to pay via cash, consider it a red flag and do not sell them your car. A professional and reputed company will transfer the money via bank and will not have hidden charges.

You should also select the company that offers the price according to your car’s condition. For that, you need to check multiple facilities and get your car’s quote from each of them. Then select the company that is offering the best price.

After getting your car scrapped, the authorized treatment facility will send you a certificate of destruction. You will have to send that certificate to the DVLA to inform them that you are not the owner of that car and have sold it for scrap. You can get a fine of 1,000 pounds by not informing the DVLA on time. You can notify the DVLA even if you have not received your certificate of destruction from the ATF. For that, you will have to send them a letter having the same information about your car’s ownership. The DVLA will give you the unused road tax back if there is any. Check out this website https://newstable.org/ for further details about auto repair and maintenance.